5 ways how mobile apps can help you grow your business

Today we are living in a digital age where the present generation is very fond of using apps and social networks on their smart phones. A large number of brands have already rolled out their apps in the market and people love to check them out. And so with the never ending competition around, brands need to be visible all the time on their customer’s phones else they will be forgotten as per the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Yes the same could happen to them as well. In a world where iphone apps, Android apps and other applications are taking the world by storm, if you do not have a mobile app yet, here are 5 reasons why you need to have one without a second thought.

Boost brand promotion

Today the average number of apps being used per day and the mobile audience itself is growing at a good pace. Here’s what happens! When people use your app, your company’s logo and slogan is visible to them on their mobile whenever they check their mobile screen. So it’s virtually impossible to forget your brand whenever they need your products and services. So you need to be a part of the growing trend of apps to have a definite advantage against your competitors who are yet to adopt this strategy.

Expand your markets and acquire more customers

As you are well aware that today’s customers are constantly moving (always on the go). They are also moving away from traditional tools getting more addicted to their mobile devices and spend a considerable time checking out their favorite apps. If you have an app it can connect you with your customers instantly.

And if you have a  Mobile App which is the next best thing and something new to watch out, customers will not only stay glued to their mobile screen, they would also refer your app to their friends and family.

Leverage marketing opportunities

Mobile apps are redefining customer convenience in a huge way. They are a very powerful marketing tool, always accessible and 24X7 visible to your customers. This helps build more demand for your products and services. The another good news is that it can be easily integrated with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites, which can be a double bonus for your brand because people always like to share useful things with their friends and neighbours. With a single tap, customers can share your app with their social network. Using push notifications feature brands can send updates and notifications to their customers anytime. Be it upcoming promotions or special events updates, your customers would never miss any update.

Add more flexibility to customer services

Well, these days mobile comes first! Yes mobile is the first priority of the customers to check updates and notifications of their favorite brands on the go. After all who is going to check the website for updates and offers every minute when mobile always comes handy? So if you have a mobile app, your customers can tune in to your app anytime and get access to your products and services on the go. Also if you don’t have a customer service facility that’s available 24X7, a mobile app can serve your customers as they can contact you through mobile whenever and wherever they are.

Earn more revenues

Nowadays people prefer to shop their favorite products on the go using mobile apps on their phone, because it is readily accessible whereas your website may not always be on their mind. So make sure you have a strong mobile presence.A mobile application that allows your customers to place an order can come in handy for your business and can readily provide another revenue channel. A vast majority of apps that allows users to make restaurant reservations, book appointment with doctors, book their favorite hotels, etc. are helping the companies grow revenues. As all these services can be availed with a few taps/clicks.

So this is how mobile apps can help grow your business..

Unfortunately, many industry verticals and businesses are yet to recognize the huge potential benefits of mobile applications in terms of capturing their customer’s attention and gain a competitive edge. Mobile apps just might provide a tremendous boost to your visibility. So go mobile this year!

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