How to create the best PPC campaigns

The online world is a competitive world. Customers are online, so are businesses. With innumerable products and services available, how do you stand out from the crowd and get traffic to your online business? Let’s discuss and find out one such way.

What is PPC advertisement?

PPC aka Pay Per Click is a model of online advertisement wherein ads are displayed on search engines upon certain keyword research by an internet user. When people are searching for things online, be it goods or services, an advertiser can display an Ad in the search engine.

For Example: If you search for ‘best PPC Company in Madurai‘, you will be displayed advertisements alongside other results. An advertiser only pays when a user clicks on the Ad; hence, it is called Pay Per Click.

Is it for you?

PPC is a way of buying visits to your website. People are not finding your website through organic search but are redirected through advertisement. If you are a startup or any other business and failing to receive enough traffic, PPC can help generously.

How to create a campaign?

Creating an effective PPC campaign is a lengthy and ever changing process. You have to update yourself with four main categories:

  •         Quality Landing Pages
  •         Relevant Keyword Search
  •         Ad scheduling
  •         Monitoring competitors

If you are a marketing nonprofessional and want to get the best out of your campaign, it is highly advisable to hire a reputable agency to do the job for you. It will save you some quality time which otherwise would have been spend endlessly trying to learn and create campaign.

What to do before launching a campaign?

Monitor your website traffic:

Before going ahead with PPC model, answering few essential questions is important.

  •         How many people are visiting your website?
  •         Are you failing to bring in relevant audience?
  •         Does your targeted audience search heavily on internet?

The success of PPC depends on varied factors. If you run a parlor in a Tier 3 town, people may not search for you on the internet. They may come through traditional advertisements and word of mouth publicity. Does the target audience of your business searches for help online? You need to determine the behavior and search habits of your user.

Allocate budget:

This is the first prerequisite to be followed before launching a campaign. How much money are you willing to spend over a period? In PPC, ads are selected to be displayed based on lots of factors including your keyword placement, effective landing page, and size of keyword bid. PPC is only effective after running over a long period. So fixing your budget is essentially the first actionable step.

Hire an agency:

PPC is no straight work. It requires continuous updating about the knowledge and trends of the online market. It is in your benefit to hire a reputable agency to look after your work. To hire an agency, check out their website, social media and portfolio. Once you think the company is legit and dependable, go ahead and launch your campaign to increase your business and profits!

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